Q. What is the best Internet browser to use to view your virtual guide of photographs?
A. All major browsers have been tested and are compatible with our photographic virtual guide. If you experience any difficulties, please use feedback@cyclades-traveller.com to send us your comments.

Q. Why can't I see more of the interior of the hotel I am considering to book or the shop, restaurant, cafe, etc. that I find interesting?
A. Cyclades Traveller™ can only include the interiors of shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc. that invite our photographer inside. Please let us know your interests at feedback@cyclades-traveller.com. You may also email directly to the hotel, restaurant or shop, etc. to tell them you would love to see more of them on the Cyclades Traveller™.

Q. When were the photographs of all these villages made?
A. The photographs of Oia were taken in the beginning of May 2010, the photographs of Fira and Imerovigli were taken by the end of August - mid September 2010. Additional images will be added to enhance the guide with more scenes of shops, hotels, cafes & restaurants and sights.

Q. Can I view cyclades-traveller.com on my mobile device while traveling ?
A. Yes. Most smart phones and tablets with a web browser can view all the text, still photos and virtual scenes.

Q. I want more information on a specific hotel, shop, cafe, restaurant, service, artist's workshop, etc. How can I get more details?
A. For each service or activity that we discover, we list the Cyclades Traveller™ link, email, telephone and fax. You may contact each directly.

Q. I want to share with my friends or family a specific service or activity that I viewed here. How is the best method?
A. Open any of the following sections: "what to see?" "what to do?" "where to eat?" or "where to stay?" and then simply click on a social network's logo under an article to immediately start sharing. Of course you can also email the web link to a specific page - these appear in a clear, easy to read format. Note that you can not email a specific scene from the virtual tour.

On our previous version of the website we had links to all the popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Technorati. According to the collected information during the past year and a half lots of our visitors use mostly Facebook and Twitter so in the current version of the website we removed the others and added Google+ and Pinterest (both of them brand new social networks). If a link to your favourite social network is missing, please don't hesitate to contact us at feedback@cyclades-traveller.com and we will do our best to make you happy.

Q. When browsing different villages some of the sections from the menu are missing, why?
A. There are some villages around the islands which doesn't have even a single restaurant, shop or any other activity that's why we disabled those sections.