Chora Mykonos, called Chora by the locals, is a typical Cycladic village built amphitheatrically. A walk in narrow alleys of its settlement, impresses each visitor. The traditional architecture creates unique pictures that resemble like a painting. Small whitewashed houses with the blue painting windows and wooden balconies are the characteristic of Aegean Sea Islands. The flowerpots with the polychromatic and aromatic flowers give their perfume to yours memories.

The main characteristic of layout of city constitute the rambling streets and the uniform architecture of buildings. As you walk to the picturesque cobblestone pavements, you’ ll meet grandiose temples and small churches. All of these are dyed with white colour. The light blue painting cupola appears as the sky to have linked itself with the ground.

This peak of land consists of two-storey Venetian houses of extremely bright colours, built very close one to another, with coloured wooden porches and balconies, lining the seafront, almost falling into the sea with the waves coming to break under them; all this scene forms a wonderful and unique image that charms every one by its incredible beauty and its magical atmosphere.

Matogianni, the most commercial street of Mykonos. Numerous cafes, chic boutiques, souvenir shops and fine jewelleries are helping the visitor to enjoy its days in the beautiful capital of Mykonos.

Many trendy cafes and bars are located in "Little Venice" which becomes a very noisy and lively area during night time. A great quantity of bars and nightclubs can be found also there. Litteraly the island lives in the rythms of music. Follow the sounds and have fun.