Santorini can surprise the most demanding visitor. Hotels of international quality standarts, award-winning gourment restaurants, lounging and spa tretments with a view of the Caldera. And all this in a unique new age setting, with the supernatural energy of the volcano pervading everything. Abandon yourself to the magic...

You feel the metaphysical energy of Santorini the moment your boat sails into the harbor and your eyes light on the sheer cliffs of the Caldera. But the age when Santorini as a tourist destination began and ended with the view of the Caldera and the atmosphere that springs from its unique geological constitution is long past.

The quality investments that have been made in all sectors of the island's infrastructure in recent years, from the luxury hotels impeccable service to the gourmet restaurants that feature so prominently on the gastronomic map of the country, have made Santorini one of the world's top destinations. The best hotels are full all summer long, the readers of the top tourist magazines consistently vote it the most popular island in the Mediterranean. Acknowledging the gifts bestowed upon it by its volcano, Santorini is with each passing year better prepared to offer its throngs of visitors that little bit extra that will allow them to enjoy the magical beauty of the place to the full.

The romantic enchantment of the landscape also pervades the lifestyle of Santorini and underlies its tourist development, which is why the romantic hotels, the atmospheric cocktail bars and the restaurants with their muted lighting all seem to be made to order for lovers - and it should come as no surprise that every year hundreds of people flock to Santorini from the ends of the earth to exchange or renew vows of love to the backdrop of the Caldera.

Santorini is not a family-oriented place, nor is it recommended for those who want to do nothing but lie on the beach. But the archaeoloical riches of Akrotiri, the geological fascination of the volcano, the excelent hotel infrastructure, the seriously exciting nightlife, the picturesque quality of the relatively unknown villages in the interior, the continuing evolution of its fine traditional cuisine and wines, the variety of its coastlines and a very interesting shopping scene are so many reasons why an increasingly broad spectrum of visitors of different ages, lifestyles and budgets are drawn to discover what makes Santorini so special and to enjoy a holiday here.