Why Imerovigli?

Imerovigli is expanding and becoming more and more beautiful every year. Although it offers the most attractive accommodation in Santorini, it hasn't rested on its laurels. Hotels are being renovated or upgrading their services and new ones spring up on the cliff's edge.

Imerovigli is an ideal "balcony" to the Caldera, and that explains the fact that it has developed into a "hotel-village" of postcard beauty. Some of the loveliest hotels on the island as well as numerous rented rooms are found here.

Your first image are couples embracing - spending days and nights on the verandas and by the pools, walking hand in hand as far as Skaros, renewing their vows with the sunset as a background. Romance, view and peace create this village's profile. You will find no clubs here and there are very few restaurants and shops.

Imerovigli was almost totally destroyed in the earthquake of 1956. The semi-underground houses on the edge of the cliff were abandoned and islanders built their new houses inland or moved to Athens. the situation began to change at the beginning of the 70s, with the emergence of the first rented rooms. Who would have imagined that a village deserted in the 60s, would have become on of the most expensive areas in Greece!

If you choose to stay in Imerovigli keep in mind that you will have to go up and down a lot of steps.