Why Oia?

Oia is truly a blend of colors from the Past and Present. Once a major shipping port in the Aegean with links to Russia, Italy and other points, Oia today is home to local and international artists as well as to families with long histories in Oia and visitors from around the world. Shipping, wine production, unique tomatoes, wild capers, various fava dishes, fishing, textile looms and even ship building have contributed to the Oia of today.

Today, Oia attracts new and repeat visitors for a few days or even weeks during 'the Season' of April thru October. During the November thru March period, most restaurants, shops and hotels are closed and the summer activities for visitors are replaced with hikes along the caldera cliff, long sessions in the few open tavernas on the island, bright days and chilly nights with sunsets that photographers say are the best of the year. Each year more visitors come during this Quiet Season to experience the island with the locals.

Being at the tip of the Santorini island, Oia offers some of the most spectacular views to the famous volcanoes and sea caldera. And the Oia sunset is world famous. Most of the village is a pedestrian only zone and simply walking along the village's main marble path is a great way to see the various views. Of course the colorful and artistic shops add to the local color and many have kept the style of the 1800's.